Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sustainable Graphic Design Widget: 582 downloads in one week!

The main goal of my Masters research was to provide easy access for graphic designers to information on sustainable graphic design.

My research showed that Apple Macintosh is by far the preferred platform for the Australian graphic designers needing to access this information. In response, I designed a small, stand-alone piece of scripted software, called a “dashboard widget” as an informative tool. 
Containing information on print processes, paper issues, and some definitions, ideas and links to other resources, the widget will run with or without an internet connection.

The sustainable graphic design widget is now active. It has been downloaded 500 times, and featured on design blogs & sites around the world. I have had many lovely emails and comments, keep them coming!
The widget has been granted the Softpedia 100% clean software award, and can be downloaded for free from the apple website. 
Suitable for MAC 10.4 and up.


Ben said...

Becky thanks for letting us know about the sustainable widget, we were hoping it would be finished soon!

We are now sustainable design experts like you!

Sarah said...

Not only is this widget handy for day to day sustainable print information, but I also love the design! Hey I'm a Graphic Designer, what can I say? Many thanks from a fellow Aussie Designer.

Jane said...

Great work Becky!

My colleagues and I have all downloaded this widget and find it a really useful tool in ensuring our finished product is as sustainable as possible.

It is quick and simple to use and presents information in a succinct manner which makes choosing an earth-friendly paper or print process quick and easy.

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky,
I'm currently not a Mac user, but I am slowly becoming persuaded. Is there a version of the Widget for PC users? I would love to have one, as I am curious about what I can do to be more friendly to our environment.

Cheers, Daniel.

Becky said...

Hi Daniel,
I have only ever been a mac user, and research showed that the majority of Aussie graphic designers are mac-based, so there is no PC version.

Let me know if you don't migrate over to the mac soon, and I'll try to extract the information into a table for you.

Mayank said...

Hi Becky,

The widget is wonderful, your efforts are deeply appreciated..

Thanks and regards,
New Delhi, Jaipur (India)